Friday, January 8, 2010

Unexpected Interruption

Well, my planning ahead (meaning: writing my blog entries ahead of time and planning to publish them on some sort of schedule) worked great until my computer got a virus. A first for my new computer and, of course, this time, not easily debugged.

I decided I will still post my blog entries but note the dates will not all line up (kind of like life, at times, right?).

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I finally did it! I am finally writing my own blog! After years of following others blogs, and years of friends encouraging me to write my own blog - I am finally doing it!

I anticipate that this blog will chronicle uneventful musings from my life, primarily as a wife and a soccer mom; but, a big part of my life, and this blog, will chronicle my time and interests spent as a woman in leadership - specifically as a woman in ministry.

This blog will also serve as an outlet for the perpetual research-junkie thus anticipate relevant resources and 'real-time' helps. And for those who chose to 'follow' this blog, you can expect to be rewarded with occasional contests and prizes offered along the way (so you'll want to check back often for contest updates or sign up using the toolbar on the right for blog updates!).

With the historic elections of 2008- there is much to blog about women in leadership. But another time.

Feel free to enter into the dialogue along the way! And look for other contributors living life in real time.

Your feedback, questions and comments are welcome!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Why Women in Real Time?

You may be wondering, "Why name a blog 'women in real time'?" What does 'real time' even mean?

Well, I was looking for something to communicate life lived in present, today, relevant, current, etc. And then IT came to me:  life lived in real time!

According to the definition is:

real time: the actual time during which a process takes place or an event occurs.

in real time (informal). at once; instantaneously.

This description fits what I am hoping this blog achieves. As I feature different blog authors sharing the ins and outs of their lives balancing family, work, school,  life, lessons learned, ministry, leadership, resources, musings, etc. with honesty and humor. Current. Fresh. Keeping it real....

In Real Time.